Why didn't my transaction go through?

Typically, payment denials are generated by the bank and it is best to contact yours directly to learn why your purchase was not validated. 


Your bank can choose not to validate your purchase for a number of reasons. These are the most common ones:  

  • You may have a hold on your card
  • You may have had multiple denied transactions and the card is now locked
  • Your bank may have an anti-fraud system that has flagged your card due to suspicious activity
  • Your account might have insufficient funds at this time
  • You or someone in your family may have reported your card lost or stolen and you must now wait for a new card to arrive
  • The charge may have exceeded the maximum amount allowed for a single charge
  • If you are overseas, your bank may have blocked purchases until they are notified that you are traveling
  • Your card is not eligible to make online payments

This list is not exhaustive, and again, your best bet is to contact your bank. In the meantime, you can also try making the purchase with another card. 

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