I have not received my order?

We understand that it can be frustrating when you have not received your order. We would like to resolve the problem as quickly as possible! Does your tracking show that your package was delivered but you can’t find it? It has been my experience with other customers that a large majority of packages are found by taking the following steps below. Please let me know if this resolves the problem

  1. Did you check your mail?

  2. Ask neighbors if they may have received the package.

  3. Ask your local letter carrier where he may have delivered the package.

  4. Go to your local UPS, FedEx, or USPS and ask them where the package was delivered.

  5. Ask other family members if the package was taken in by them.

  6. If it was delivered to a mailbox, check the very back of your mailbox. Sometimes packages get pushed to the back and are missed.

  7. If you sent it to someone other than yourself make sure they realize it is a package from you.

Thank you for your help in resolving this problem.

If your tracking information shows that your package was not delivered, please contact us at hello@plug.tech

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